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Free Summit starting Dec 5–11, 2021

Artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs provide insights into starting, maintaining and growing a successful creative practice. Over the seven days, they will share their experience, environment and knowledge of how they manage doing the art and doing the work. This interview series offers a diverse approach to finding the balance between creativity and productivity.

As well as receiving valuable tools and next steps to set you up powerfully for 2022, each expert will be offering a FREE GIFT to help you get started!


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ArtWork  Creative Productivity Unlocked 2021

All interviews (day 2 - 6) are pre-recorded and will be made available at 9am NZT and for the duration of the event. The Opening Studio on Day 1 and the After Party on Day 7 - they're both live, so don't be late! Check out your time zone >>here<<

Full Schedule

Day 1 – Open Studio LIVE!

9 – 11am Sun, Dec 5, NZT
8 – 10pm Sat, Dec 4, UK
12 – 2pm Sat, Dec 4, PST
3 – 5pm Sat, Dec 4, EST

Open Studio LIVE Introducing the summit and showcasing the theme of environment with illustrators and artists from around the world.

Day 2 – Stephanie Lee and Danny Gregory 

Stephanie Lee - The Unstuck Artist
Danny Gregory - How a Sketchbook Changed My Life

Day 3 – Anita Kunz and Jessica Swift

Anita Kunz - A Creative Perspective
Jessica Swift - Trust Your Creative Intuition

Day 4 – Lizzie DiFiore and Steph Fizer Coleman

Lizzie DiFiore - Speaking Up; Acting Right: Advocating For Creatives
Steph Fizer Coleman - My Sketchbook Practice

Day 5 – Jen Dixon and Mel Armstrong

Jen Dixon - Make it Personal: Customise Your Creative Path
Mel Armstrong - From ballet to brushes and all things in between

Day 6 – Montine Blank and Elizabeth Silver

Montine Blank - Life is an Art
Elizabeth Silver - Surface Pattern Design from Corporate to Freelance

Day 7 – Closing Session with Nina & Andy LIVE!

9 – 10am Sat, Dec 11, NZT
8 – 9pm Fri, Dec 10, UK
12 – 1pm Fri, Dec 10, PST
3 – 4pm Fri, Dec 10, EST

Closing Session LIVE – Takeaways and next steps 

Stephanie Lee

Danny Gregory

Anita Kunz

Jessica Swift

Lizzie DiFiore

Steph Fizer-Coleman

Jen Dixon

Mel Armstrong

Montine Blank

Elizabeth Silver

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Free Summit Starting December 5 – 11, 2021