Creative Canvas

6-week course, starting January 26, 2021

The Creative Canvas course is an integrated set of tasks designed to work together and provide you with a guided framework so that you can take your ideas from spark to realisation. If you want to grow your creative passion or build a business doing what you love then you've come to the right place!

The framework that the Creative Canvas provides will help you build a routine, find your focus and sharpen your creative productivity. We have also designed tasks to set you up for the first few months of your journey. During the 6- week course you will learn...

  • the power of your purpose
  • who you can help and why
  • how to make your creative passion successful
  • how to capture and view progress towards your goal so that you can make an informed change along the way
  • how to plan out the first few months of your creative journey


Course starts January 26

$497.00 USD

Key Features

  • Expert guidance
  • Video lessons and demos
  • More than 20 integrated tasks and worksheets
  • Weekly LIVEs with instructors
  • Access to an online community

Course overview

During this six weeks we will map the foundations of your creative purpose and offering - each task is there to prompt you to think about, analyse, choose and prioritise your idea and set a pathway forward for 2021 with actionable steps.

For 6-weeks, you will receive more than 20 tasks all supported by 10-15 minute video instruction and demonstration as well as a worksheet. Each task will take ~1 hour and they are designed to build one upon the other.

PLUS, each week Andy and I will provide LIVE support and guidance.

Creative Canvas VIP - everything in the 6 week course completed in 4 hours!

Only 5 spots available - offer available until Jan 19

Creative Canvas VIP - 6 week course plus two highly valuable, fast-track 1:1 sessions facilitated by Andy

Creative Canvas VIP is designed for those who haven't the time to wait for the Creative Canvas course and want to get into the activities with an experienced coach.

VIP gets you 1:1 goal-focused coaching, fast-tracking the course in one day! You will also get full access to the 6-week Creative Canvas course when it becomes available.

Andy will guide and collaborate with you over two zoom sessions, sharing screen and working with you to create clarity, identify opportunity and build a high level plan. Normally this consultation would cost more than triple this price and Andy brings 25+ years of service design, digital entrepreneurship and creative direction - so don't miss out on one of the 5 spots available.

Creative Canvas VIP includes full access to the Creative Canvas Course as well to complement and support your development and success.

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Nina Rycroft

ArtWork - Creative Productivity

Nina Rycroft is an award winning picture book illustrator with more than a dozen picture books published worldwide, and has taught more than 50,000 students in her character design classes and her 8-week Picture Book Illustration e-Course. Host of the ‘ArtWork - Creative Productivity Unlocked’ interview series and ‘Project Portfolio’ online events, Nina’s bigger goal is to inspire, support and empower her creative community to follow their creative passion and to earn a living doing what they love. 

For more about Nina and her books, Nina's Picture Book Illustration e-CourseNina's Skillshare classes. Follow Nina on Instagram and Facebook.

Andy Rycroft

ArtWork - Creative Productivity

Andy’s a digital entrepreneur with a  career has spanned both creative agencies and global corporates - he’s worked in a number of countries and focuses on sales, marketing and service design.

Andy’s recent work includes, building a new online model of working, changing online platforms and branching out into summits, membership and a new audience. 

His broader vision now is to create viable and workable life/work models for creatives and has designed a framework that explores self, rhythm and purpose, and then provides a tailored roadmap for content creation, sales and marketing success.