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If you have an interest in illustration, then make sure to check out my online courses. I'm passionate about character design and picture books and I love sharing everything that I've learned. With more than 20-years of experience illustrating and a decade of teaching, I can fast-track your creative journey so that you can start doing more of what you love!

Check out Nina's Picture Book Illustration e-Course

Picture Book Illustration e-Course Self Paced

By the end of this program, you’ll have the tools and resources to expand ideas, design characters, develop thumbnails and a storyboard and illustrate a final artwork. Across the 8-week program, you'll have the support and structure to learn how to illustrate a picture book from start to finish. If you've ever dreamt of illustrating a picture book, this course will turn that dream into a reality.


Animal Character Design four week course

Learn the fundamentals of animal character design and how to apply these to any illustration project. Across the four weeks, I will guide you through a series of daily lessons designed to build your knowledge, skill, and your portfolio.

I will provide you with tools for expressing your you-ness through the characters that you illustrate. You will be encouraged to add wit, spontaneity with straight-to-the-heart accuracy.


Creative Canvas

Unlocks your creative productivity, shows how to maximize your potential, grow your expertise, take bold risks and build an exciting creative career.

Across 6-weeks, Andy and Nina help you discover your creative purpose, turn your ideas into goals and design an actionable plan for your creative projects.


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