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Since my picture book debut in 2000, my passion for picture book illustration has fueled a journey of learning and growth. Now, I’m excited to share this wealth of experience with you through online courses. From character design to children’s picture book illustration, my courses provide step-by-step guidance to support your creative journey.

Picture Book Illustration
e-Course, PBIC LIVE

PBIC LIVE 2024, February 26 - April 18 
Across eight weeks, dive deep into the world of picture book illustration, where you’ll explore character design, storyboarding, layout and design, dummy book creation, and illustrating a portfolio-worthy artwork with actionable next steps. This comprehensive program features video lessons, demos, a workbook, feedback, and live sessions, empowering you to overcome challenges, gain confidence, and develop the skills essential for success in the world of children’s picture book illustration.


"It's not just the supportive online community, but it's the way Nina structured and ran the course. It gave me the right sort of attitude that I needed to go forward... It made it possible for me to say 'yes', this is possible, and to really believe in myself. So, that's been fantastic. "

Cher Hart
Picture Book Illustration e-Course, 2022

Animal Character Design Masterclass

This self-paced program is your complete guide to animal character design. Walking you through everything that you need to know about how to design animal characters.


Join the Animal Character Design Mini-Course

Across 5 days, you’ll get a glimpse of my process as I walk you through a series of simple techniques on how to draw, design and illustrate your own fun-inspired animal characters. I just need to know where to send the emails and links.

"Thank you for being such a great teacher. I'm endlessly amazed at your teaching. Last year I did the animal character design course. I couldn't even believe how you did that... I was so amazed at the way that you were able to teach in such a short amount of time, something that I've never been able to do before."

Susannah Kay
Animal Character Design, 2021

"Your courses have given us so much information and I'm still learning so much. Encouraging us and giving us so much really practical information that we can apply and use to develop our skill... and your feedback has been great."

Paquita Dwyer
Animal Character Design, 2021. Picture Book Illustration e-Course, 2022

Picture Book Illustration
e-Course (Self-Paced)

Work through the comprehensive 8-week program at your own pace. Once registered, you will gain access to the weekly video lessons and demos, Live interview recordings,  an 84-page workbook, and access to a private community (PBIC members past and present).

More information about PBIC Self-Paced

"In addition to learning the overall picture book process, I also learned character mapping, and imagining the character's personality, movements, and poses to fit the character's story, background and setting. This showed a new direction in my picture book journey. I was able to find a better 'alternative' through Nina's detailed feedback."

Jae Young
The Picture Book Illustration e-Course, 2022

"The Picture Book Illustration e-Course is amazing! It pushed me to places where I had never been before because I had to get things done… Everything was so professionally presented, the course materials are great and Nina is great. Thanks for the feedback and all the help you have given me, I really appreciate it."

Tom Krengel
The Picture Book Illustration e-Course, 2022

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