ArtWork: Creative Productivity Unlocked

A free summit, Dec 5–11, 2021

Across 7-days we had artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs provided insights into starting, maintaining and growing a successful creative practice.


CPR: Creative Productivity Rescue

A free 5-day challenge, April 2021. 

A Live Facebook challenge to work on what’s holding you back, offering insights into how to find clarity and vision around your creative projects and goals. The daily LIVE sessions were designed to inspire, motivate, and offer strategies and tools to help set you up powerfully.


ArtWork: Creative Productivity Unlocked 2020

A free summit, Nov 27-Dec 3, 2020
18 artists, designers, makers, authors and creative entrepreneurs, shared their insights on how to start, maintain and grow a successful creative practice. 

Project Portfolio, 2019 

A free online event offering advice and inspiration from 24 industry experts and the creative community.