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ArtWork 2020
– Creative Productivity Unlocked.

A free online summit hosted and produced by Nina Rycroft – Nov 27 – Dec 3, 2020 – highlighted 18 artists, designers, makers, authors and creative entrepreneurs providing insights into starting, maintaining and growing a successful creative practice.

6,500 people attended with 20596 total video plays. 

An interview series offering a diverse approach to finding the balance between creativity and productivity, offering valuable tools and next steps to set you up powerfully for 2021.


Marianne de Jager

"Thank you for this series and the way you presented it - cool, calm, asking interesting questions and allowing the artists you interviewed to respond in their own way.  I especially enjoyed the sessions with Charlie O'Shields, Karen Abend and Misty Olsen.  I am also fascinated by the gentle Melanie Rivers and her culture.  What a wonderful group of people you got together!  I thought the last session where your husband interviewed you was a lovely touch.
So thank you for organising this and for sharing so generously your experience and what you love."

Elizabeth Isaacs Irby

"Thanks so much for all you did to provide us with a meaningful summit and action filled 5-day challenge."


Nola Hontou-Marshall

"This has been an amazing experience for me and it is so inspiring to see all of these amazing artists. Thank you!


Veronica Hodges

"It was a wonderful Summit. Thanks to all who contributed."



ArtWork - Creative Productivity Unlocked.

2020 Schedule

Day 1

Peggy Dean - Increase Creative Success

Charlie O’Shields - A-Doodle-A-Day

Day 2

Karen Abend - From Daily Practice To Creative Career
Shannon McNab - Finding the Balance Between Productivity and Creativity

Day 3

Ilana Griffo and Katie Johnson - Artists who mean business
Melanie D. Falick - Making a Life
Misty Olsen - Persistent Pursuit - Creative Callings

Day 4

Wendy Hollender - Finding and Following Your Passion
Iva Mikles - Art Side of Life

Day 5

Michelle Worthington - Creativity in Chaos
Melanie Rivers - Building a self-compassionate art practice
Kathy Weller - Nurture and Grow your online Shop

Day 6

Louise De Masi - The business of watercolour
Melissa Lee - Allowing Yourself to Fail Before You Succeed
Brooke Glaser - Make a living as an artist

Day 7

Angela Fehr - Finding Flow in Watercolour, Business and Life
Nina Rycroft - Finding Balance Between Art and Work