Ready to step up into a world of creativity and imagination? Imagine a community that’s all about boosting your artistic dreams and turning your picture book ambitions into reality. Dive into an ongoing program that’s packed with inside knowledge, resources, and industry insights. You’ll also become a part of a creative community as you work towards bringing your picture book dreams to life. Let’s do this together!

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Discover a World of Growth with Just 1-Hour a Week in the Treehouse Membership! 

Dedicate just one hour each week to unlock your potential and nurture the skills needed to become a confident, capable children’s picture book illustrator. Each month, we dive into themes designed to inspire and elevate your abilities.

  • September: Finding Your Rhythm: Embracing Self-Care and Structure as an Artist 
  • October: Imaginary Worlds and Make Belief
  • November: Character Design and Development
  • December: Professional Practices and Goal Setting 
  • January: Colour Theory and Mood 
  • February: Animal Characters
  • March: Visual Storytelling and Layout
  • April: The Picture Book Market and Industry
  • May: Portfolio and Pitching
  • June: Text Integration and Composition
  • July: Illustration Techniques and Mediums
  • August: Artistic Style and Voice

As you walk through each month, anticipate growth, embrace the lessons, and watch your artistic voice flourish.


Elevate Your Picture Book Journey

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or at the start of your picture book journey, step into a vibrant community of illustrators, artists, creatives, authors, storytellers, and picture book enthusiasts and immerse yourself in a world of weekly inspiration, workshops, resources, portfolio prompts, expert insights, and support. Let’s explore the art of picture book illustration together.

Elevate your portfolio with “Project Portfolio” design briefs. Cultivate a consistent art practice with thoughtfully curated projects that promise portfolio growth. These design briefs are your gateway to refining your style and expanding your portfolio.

Enrich your picture book journey throughout the year with exclusive workshops led by Nina herself. These deep-dive sessions are tailored to nurture your skills, enhance your techniques, and foster your professional development as an illustrator. Gain invaluable insights, insider knowledge, and hands-on guidance to elevate your craft and soar to new creative heights.

Inspiring stories from picture book illustrators. Hear firsthand from accomplished children’s picture book illustrators who have transformed their dreams into reality. Discover the secrets behind their picture book journey to publication and gain their invaluable wisdom to help guide you on your own path to success.

Tap into Nina’s expertise and gain valuable insights with LIVE Q&A/Feedback sessions. Benefit from her wealth of experience, years of insights, and knowledge as she provides guidance and answers to help you overcome challenges, and refine your skills as you navigate the world of picture book illustration.

Apply for one-on-one coaching sessions and portfolio reviews with Nina. Gain exclusive access to personal coaching and portfolio reviews with Nina. Benefit from her expert guidance and encouragement to advance your skills.

Embark on a transformative picture book journey within a vibrant private community, (not Facebook). Experience a sense of belonging while being held accountable to your goals. Gain momentum and motivation as you elevate your skills throughout the year, mastering essential techniques and gaining valuable insights from successful illustrators who started from where you are now. 

Nina goes beyond teaching technical skills, striving to inspire, support, and empower aspiring illustrators to turn their creative passion into a sustainable career.

Immerse yourself in weekly workshops, portfolio projects, interviews, Live Q&A and feedback sessions, encouraging experimentation, fostering consistency, and nurturing artistic growth. Unlock your creative potential, gain unwavering confidence, and cultivate the skills needed to thrive as a successful illustrator.

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Meet Nina

The Treehouse Membership is guided by Nina Rycroft, an acclaimed picture book illustrator.

With an impressive portfolio of over a dozen published picture books, including notable titles such as Boom Bah! (Phil Cummings), No More Kisses (Margaret Wild), Good Dog Hank (Jackie French), and Pooka (Carol Chattaway, YABBA Award Winner, 2013), Nina has established herself as a respected figure in the industry.

Having taught more than 60,000 students through her online classes including her renowned 8-week Picture Book Illustration e-Course (PBIC), Nina is passionate about nurturing the creative potential of her community.

With a track record of hosting highly successful online events such as the ArtWork: Creative Productivity Unlocked, CPR: Creative Productivity Rescue, and Project Portfolio, Nina goes beyond teaching technical skills, she strives to inspire, support, and empower aspiring illustrators to turn their creative passion into a sustainable career.

Embrace the opportunity to learn from an experienced professional and trusted mentor as you thrive in the Treehouse Membership, establishing a solid foundation for your creative aspirations.

You’ll find the Treehouse Hub easy to navigate and inspiring to visit, offering you a space to connect with like-minded creatives. Enjoy monthly design briefs, expert guidance, uplifting stories, Live Q&A sessions, enriching workshops, and a thriving community of fellow illustrators and picture book enthusiasts. Click below for your sneak peek.

Join the Treehouse Membership

Download Your Pathway to Growth and Success Guide

Joining the Treehouse Membership offers an opportunity to stay focused, make consistent progress, forge connections, and stay accountable throughout your creative journey. Click the “Your Pathway to Growth and Success” image to download.

“It allowed me to connect with other like-minded creators. I felt accountable to make progress and get out of my comfort zone. Elements that I am still incorporating in my practice today.” – Cesar Lador

“Nina gave me the confidence to stretch myself in every way and to know that if I really worked hard I would achieve my goals and make it as a picture book illustrator. ” – Nichole Wade

“Nina gave me the confidence to storyboard my entire manuscript in a format that I could submit to publishers. In addition to three published titles as author, I now have a title in which I am both author and illustrator...” – Inda Ahmad Zahri


AniMATES Digital Planner (valued at $22). Your ultimate organisational tool within the Treehouse. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Join the Treehouse Membership

The Concept of the Treehouse

A Treehouse represents far more than a structure tucked amidst the branches of trees. It embodies a world of exploration and play, a bustling hub where creativity blossoms, dreams soar, and the boundless power of imagination finds its truest expression.

The Treehouse name originated in the Picture Book Illustration e-Course (PBIC), which is active exclusively during the 8-week program.

In contrast, the Treehouse Membership offers an ongoing experience, allowing you to continue your creative journey beyond the 8-week program.